Past and Present Clients:

  • Romjue Advertising & Company has been absolutely essential in the marketing of our Airport. They have dramatically increased our broadcast, cable, radio and print exposure without exceeding our budget. They coordinate all aspects of our marketing and advertising in a professional and timely manner. We have received numerous positive responses from the public on our creative ads. In addition, they have saved us countless man hours by meeting and negotiating with advertising reps on our behalf. I highly recommend Romjue Advertising & Company to any business looking to grow.

    Michael J. Stenson – Northwest Florida Regional Airport

  • Romjue Advertising has drastically increased our media exposure. Before, we purchased media ourselves and saw little return. With Trudy’s expertise and negotiation skills, we receive better placements at better prices. She’s done far better for us that we were doing and could have ever done by ourselves. It is also absolutely wonderful that we do not ever have to hear the many sales pitches, to be able to refer them to our media buyer without another thought.

    Maria Bladorn - New Horizons Credit Union