Our Process

We recognize each business is different. From the start, we work closely with you to complete a detailed analysis of where you want to be in three months, six months, and eventually one year. After we know your goals, we will design your leads plan to hit the ground running. During our partnership, we see ourselves as a part of your team, where your success is our success.

What to Expect

After you partner with us we take a deep dive into your goals and how to execute accordingly.

  • Step 1: Tell us about your business, your goals, and your measurements of success.
  • Step 2: Share the structure of your business and allow us to assess your strengths.
  • Step 3: We build a custom, data-driven advertising campaign to deliver results you care about most.
  • Step 4: We recommend tactics designed to deliver optimal results.

How Romjue Advertising Makes Your Ad Dollars Work Harder

Stretch Your Advertising Budget

We take a scientific approach and buy media using our research tools and knowledge. We can stretch your advertising effectiveness without stretching your budget.

Determine Your Most Efficient Target Audience

Remember, every dollar of advertising that doesn’t reach your potential customers is a wasted dollar. So we will also increase your efficiency with better time placement and targeted programs to focus on reaching your best customer.

Create Lasting Ideas

Whether you are a new or existing business looking for a facelift, we can help update your company look and feel. From logo design to website redesign to new TV commercials, we can handle all your creative and production needs.

Select The Right Advertising Mediums for Your Business

Your advertising message should always remain consistent with your overall image and message. If you position yourself as a high-end business, then bus ads would not be a wise choice. We will select the best advertising medium that will greatly enhance your ROI.

Negotiate the Most For Your Advertising Investment

Negotiating is the key factor in getting the most for your investment. But in order to do so you must know the industry standards, speak the ad language, and know what you are really entitled to. We are experts in negotiating

Plan Your Media Buy & Monitor It

Close monitoring of your media plan will ensure that you receive not only what you paid for but the results you expected. We audit all invoices to make sure you received what we said you would. We also post television invoices to ensure the stations delivered the negotiated rating points and we track all online campaigns.